CSZ Medical Division - Patient Temperature Management

Medical Division

At CSZ we put the needs of people first. We pride ourselves on helping people recover and reunite with loved ones to get them back to experiencing the joys of life. We specialize in patient temperature management solutions and offer expertise in the industry. We are positively known throughout the healthcare community and our certifications show our commitment to top-quality total patient temperature management.

We deliver the highest quality and broad portfolio of patient temperature management solutions on the market from adult ICU, temperature management in the neonatal and pediatric ICU, along with orthopedic and in the perioperative environment.

We offer a variety of innovative products such as equipment and blankets for therapeutic hypothermia, heating and cooling systems for localized therapy, staff cooling, and blood temperature control systems for cardiovascular cooling/heating. We also provide 3 solutions for maintaining normothermia; convective, conductive and resistive.

Along with our products, support is the cornerstone of CSZ. Our dedication to customer support is evident in our commitment to excellence that continues long after the sale with high quality products, parts, and services. We offer technical support, preventive maintenance and 24 hour clinical support.

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